Unparalleled Change Agent

Susan’s influence as an innovator and an inclusive change agent in the field is unparalleled. She is a professional who is deeply impassioned about and committed to work on behalf of the common good. Susan was extremely influential in my personal evolution as a donor and board member.
–Henry A.J. Ramos, Principal at Mauer Kunst Consulting

Building Community...the very essence of Susan

Building Community, diversity and equity, and ending racial discrimination, are just words to some, and rhetoric to most. But these concepts embody the very essence of Susan.
– Patti Chang, CEO, Feed the Hunger Foundation

New Branding

Under Susan’s efforts, JFCS East Bay has beautiful and thoughtful new branding, a functional, inspiring and compelling web site, engaging videos and a new tag line that touches everyone who encounters it: Compassion in Action, Commitment to All.
 –Joel ben Izzy, Storyteller, Author & Story Consultant;
JFCS East Bay, VP Board of Directors

From Coaching Clients

I am so much more effective as a leader of my organization with the gift of you seeing me, holding my vulnerabilities and history, while honoring my strengths, resilience and present-day path. 

You have been my spiritual midwife, helping me connect with what is true about myself.

Working with you, I re-gained the confidence to get the job I've always wanted.

I am now breathing so much more deeply as I go through my day, and much more able to stay grounded in myself despite the same old pressures of my job.

I am struck by your deep enthusiasm and passion, and I'm grateful to benefit from your clear and holistic approach.

Persistent Motivation

In my 30 plus years serving on nonprofit boards, I have never encountered such a sustained effort to give board members the skills needed to be effective fundraisers. Susan is gracious and persistent in motivating board members to step up to the plate.
–A.N., JFCS East Bay Board Member

Positive Tone, Productive Atmosphere

As a long time philanthropist and donor activist, I rekindled my commitment to and investment in the Women's Foundation of California as a direct result of Susan's leadership there. I trusted and depended on her deep sense of compassion and insistence on meaningful inclusion of all women in every aspect of the foundation's work. Susan's well honed communication skills, knowledge of organizational development and appreciation of human dynamics help create a positive tone and a productive atmosphere that inspires authentic effective relationships in any setting.
– Léonie Walker
Philanthropic Activist; Executive Director,

Laparoscopic Institute for Gynecologic Oncology

Critical Thinker and Visionary

Susan Freundlich is a multi-talented and very effective fundraiser and organizational consultant as well as a critical thinker and visionary. I have always known her to bring her keen insight, experience and her commitment to activism for social justice to her work with donors, foundations, and community-based organizations.
– Paul Kivel, Social Justice Educator;
Donor Activist, and Writer

A Wealth of Experience and Contacts

During a period when we had very limited internal fund development capacity, Susan drew on a wealth of experience and contacts, and helped cultivate new major donors and expand our network of foundation funders. One of her strengths is that Susan really gets what we do -- what is unique about our particular strategy for working for social justice – and she is highly effective in communicating about it passionately and convincingly, whether on paper, on the phone or in person. She is a terrific thought partner whose perspective I highly respect. 
– Debra Chasnoff
President and Senior Producer, Groundspark

Extraordinarily Thoughtful Professional

When Susan served as Director of Advancement for the National Writing Project, we benefitted from her perspective on how to build a sustainable, future-oriented organization that can continue to serve as a support for progressive educators nationwide. She is also an extraordinarily thoughtful professional with deep experience in diversity and inclusion work, coalition-building and political engagement.
–Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Executive Director,
National Writing Project

A Seasoned Professional of the Highest Caliber

Susan brought to our work a deep understanding of true social justice. She has an innate ability to deliver a mission-focused message whether in a fund raising appeal, in a communications campaign or face-to-face with donors or partners. Susan integrates the communications and the development functions seamlessly and has a clear understanding of the importance of communications in supporting the fund raising efforts of an organization. She built strong and lasting relationships that inspired donors to give . . . and they are still asking about her. Susan brings creativity, integrity and a desire for excellence to anything she becomes a part of. She is a seasoned professional of the highest caliber.
– Judy Patrick, Public Policy Consultant at Equal Rights Advocates;
Former President & CEO, Women’s Foundation of CA

Trusted, Long Term Strategic Thinker

Susan is a trusted, bold and visionary leader – a long term strategic thinker. – Torie Osborn, Senior Policy Deputy
Office of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

Sets a Standard

Susan is extraordinarily good at what she does. In fact, the sheer quality of her work has set a standard...
– Pete Seeger, Singer/Songwriter