Coaching Individuals & Teams

Coaching is forward looking. It is a dynamic partnership geared towards helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Coaching is a personalized process in which we will design practices to help you accomplish the change you desire. What are things you would like to be able to do more easily that you can’t quite do right now?

In our work together you will be introduced to new skills and resources, and have the benefit of a trusted partner committed to working with you to create a path towards transformation.

Through our coaching partnership you may:
--  Become more of the leader, partner or friend you envision, taking new actions aligned with your values, even under the pressure of the same old conditions;
--  Transform the voice of self-criticism that prevents you from actualizing the life you want;
--  Finish the film or book you’ve been working on for a very long time;
--  Have success and agency at work in a new way;
--  Access the resources of your body mind to stand more fully in your humanity; act according to your beliefs.