Coaching in Strategic Leadership
Cultivate your skills in strategic thinking, anticipating change, and collaboration. Empower others to create value, and act with organizational intelligence.

Crafting Campaigns and Communications
Inspire giving for long-term high impact fundraising. Create opportunities that inspire donors and you.

Coaching for Executive and Development Directors
Create a working partnership that lasts. Achieve the working partnership you want through a forward-looking dynamic and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Custom Trainings for Board and Staff 

Raise more money with greater efficiency, ease and calm. Help board members become more effective and confident fundraisers.

Grow a Culture of Giving Throughout Your Organization
Nurture relationships as opposed to chasing dollars. Listen more, talk less, and create real connections with donors.

Learn Tools for Grants Tracking and Moves Management
Build a sustainable, dependable and manageable fundraising infrastructure.